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  • Cosmetic Engineer Recommended Ayurvedic hair care regime for hair fall control
  • 3 Step Hair Fall Defence Regime
  • Step 1 – Pre Wash Hair Growth Mask
  • Step 2 – Hair Fall Control Shampoo
  • Step 3 – Hair Growth Serum
  • Pre-Wash Hair Growth Mask: A potent formula that nourishes and rejuvenates your locks from the inside out. It infuses your hair with vital moisture, leaving it soft and silky
  • Hair Fall Control Shampoo: A blend of Ayurveda and modern Science, the formula helps reduce hair fall, nourish brittle and damaged hair, promote healthy hair growth
  • Hair Growth Serum: Made with plant based and active ingredients, this combination helps repair hair damages due to external aggressors and color treatments while restoring balance to your hair’s natural process of regrowth.


Pre-Wash Hair Growth Mask

Comb your hair and detangle it. Apply a generous amount to the scalp and work it through the length of your hair. The mask turns into oil as soon as you apply it on the scalp. Massage gently using circular movements. Leave for 2-3 hours.

Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Take 2-3 pumps of TYC Hairfall Control Shampoo and dilute with 3-4 ml of water. Apply on scalp from root to tip. Massage gently to work on lather and rinse off with clean water. Use thrice a week to maintain healthy hair for longer!

Hair Growth Serum

Apply the serum directly to the affected area, then lightly rub in with your fingertips until fully absorbed. Leave it be, and use twice a day.

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